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"Have the roster, the lifestyle and your health"

As a FIFO/DIDO worker, this is specially designed for you.

Dear Friend;

Do you struggle to maintain your healthy lifestyle because the challenges of your FIFO/DIDO commitments get in the way?

This is DIFFERENT to a weight-loss program. The recipes, the strategies and the program is a guide to make it easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle, even when the interruptions of a hectic work-life existence make it difficult.

Walks and Retreats to complement your commitment and improvement to your healthy living decision.

Balanced with the guidance of Natalie Wells - who knows first-hand how a FIFO/DIDO [Fly In-Fly Out, Drive In-Drive Out] lifestyle can make it challenging to eat well and ensure you are looking after all aspects of yourself.

Are you someone who works away from home and struggles to balance work life and home life?

Do you find it difficult to swap from day shift to night shift? Or recalibrate after your night shift rotation?

Are you struggling to feel supported and feel connected to family because you work away?

Would you like to learn how to manage the big hours that you do at work?

Would you like to understand how to eat well at a daily buffet, including strategies on how to navigate the dessert bar?

Our Programs, with tips for maintaining your healthy lifestyle, will be everything you need.

Mini-pause messaging serviceFINAL

I need a daily Mini-Pause Service .... just for me.

Need to Reset & Rejuvenate?

Receive our Mini-Pause Messaging Service .... just for You

The Mini-Pause messaging service, put simply, is designed as a tool to help remote workers, like you, feel supported while working away from home.  
You will receive thoughtful daily text messages that offer solutions, support, health tips and motivation. It’s a breath of fresh air, everyday, to your phone.  

My Healthy Mining Life

  • Daily Support, Motivation and Health Tips to your phone -   You will receive thoughtful daily text messages that offer solutions, support, health tips and motivation.
  • Facebook Lives - Topics and solutions that are relevant to you. As an example, tips on how to sleep well when you are on night shift or moving from day shift to night shift or how to eat well from a daily buffet.
  • Delicious recipes to your inbox  - Transportable food that you can take to work or just have at home while you are on a break.
  • Monthly cooking demonstrations.
  • VIP first booking opportunities for our walks and retreats.


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Retreats and Walks will be released in 2021.

Nourishing Values Members & One on One Coaching Clients

will have Priority Access.

Join us at our

Nourishing Values Retreats and Walks,

where you can focus entirely on

nourishing your body and nourishing your mind.

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Nourishing Values is your answer to a successful, healthy way of life that flexibly fits in around your busy, demanding work.

You know that making the decision now is your best chance to make the changes you want to make - so go ahead and let's get started.